Shore diving spots in Curacao Naar een wrak toe duiken Wrak met koraal en met veel onderwaterleven

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Scuba diving in Curacao

An ideal holiday spot for divers!

Curacao was born millions of years ago, developing under the sea from lava rock on which coral has grown for centuries. For millions of years reefs have surrounded the island, attaching to the shore like a narrow fringe. In some places they are like beautiful gardens, with delicate corals and are home to brightly coloured tropical fish. In others, massive coral formations extend into depths with deep-water fish patrolling the plunging walls.
It is no wonder that diving is one of the most popular sports on Curacao!

This dive-pages will give you helpful information for diving in Curacao, as well as a summary of what you will experience after breaking the surface. Stretching across the entire south coast, Curacao has over 60 identified dive sites to choose from with 44 of them equipped with chains. Experiencing the shallow reefs is unforgettable and once you descend into the depths, Curacao's most impressive natural sites will be unveiled.

Coral reef Eco Tips

  • Follow the sandy areas when swimming across the shallow part of a reef. It is easy to accidentally crush corals and disturb other animals
  • Don't touch corals or hang of, rest on, or kick them. Corals are living animals and are damaged even by gentle handling.
  • Avoid kicking up the sand. It spoils the visibility for others and damages corals and other reef animals when it settles.
  • Don't spearfish. It is prohibited
  • Be careful in underwater caverns and caves. Don't spend to long in there and avoid crowding; bubbles collect on the roof and reef animals can "drown" in air.
  • Take your litter with you, ad if you see litter, pick it up.
  • Don't eat turtle. Marine turtles are endangered
  • Never anchor on corals. Tie up to a mooring buoy or jetty, or anchor carefully in sand or rubble patches
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The snorkel and dive spots of Curacao