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Curacao is a long, arid, and generally flat island, stretching some 40 miles (64 km) from southeast to northwest, at much the same north-south angles as it's sister islands in the ABC group (Aruba to the west and Bonaire to the east). The island is about 10 miles (16 km) at it's widest point, and the area is about 180 square miles (472 square km), making it the largest island of the Dutch Caribbean islands.

Curacao is the place for a Caribbean vacation! On our website you can find anything so you can create your own vacation packages! Find here the information about hotels, vacation rentals, apartments, villas, the best beaches and a lot more!


Curacao Vacations

"When to come for a Curacao vacation" is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. Well, there is no bad time to visit Curacao: all year round good weather. Travelers can choose to visit in high or low tourist season: Mid-December through March are the most popular vacation months (high season) for the North Americans but prices drop significantly from End-April through End-June and End-September till Mid-December (low season).

Curacao Hotels & Resorts

Curacao Hotels and Resorts

Look for the resort or hotel of your liking, get a good insight in what they have on offer and place your reservation directly with the hotels.

Car Rentals

Rent a car on Curacao

We highly recommend arranging your rental car in advance. That is most of the time cheaper and for sure more reliable. See our car rentals we recommend to use.

Curacao International Airport (Hato)


Curacao's modern International Airport (also called 'Hato') can accommodate commercial jet aircrafts as large as the Boeing 747. The island is served by a number of airlines, and connections can be made to any part of the world.

Our 'Airlines, Flights & Airfare page' will inform you from which cities you can fly to Aruba directly and lets you navigate to the airline companies' websites.
See also real time arrivals and departures of the airport.

Activities - Things To Do

Activities - Things To Do

You can arrange a number of excursions and activities on your own. Your choices are as varied as Curacao itself. You can do a lot of water sports of course like windsurfing, kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water jets and deep sea fishing. A day trip to 'Klein Curacao' with the 'Mermaid Boat Trips' is one of the recommended day trips you can do while on vacationing in Curacao. See our 'Things To Do - Activities' page for more detailed information.

Curacao's best sights and attractions

Curacao's best sights and attractions

The island has many sights and attractions, we selected the finest for you. It all starts near the airport: "Hato Caves", the caves, gouged out of limestone cliffs ages ago as the island emerged from the sea, are still forming, albeit by one drop at a time. You will see water dripping from the walls and massive stalactites that hang from the ceiling.
As many Caribbean islands, Curacao has several National Parks including the impressive "Christoffel Park" which is a 40-minute drive from downtown Willemstad. And we can recommend you to visit the National Park "Shere Boka Park" as well. Here you enjoy the rough coast and see the Natural Bridge of Curacao.
If you are looking for real white sandy beach? Visit the little island called "Klein Curacao". If you download our discount coupon of our webpage, you save 10% on your Klein Curacao Trip!

Scuba Diving and Diving spots

Scuba diving in Curacao

Curacao was born millions of years ago, developing under the sea from lava rock on which coral has grown for centuries. For millions of years reefs have surrounded the island, attaching to the shore like a narrow fringe. In some places they are like beautiful gardens, with delicate corals and are home to brightly coloured tropical fish. In others, massive coral formations extend into depths with deep-water fish patrolling the plunging walls. It is no wonder that diving is one of the most popular sports on Curacao!

Curacao's Snorkel and Dive Sites

CuraƧao's reefs surround the island attaching to the shore like a narrow fringe. These beautiful gardens of delicate corals are home to a rainbow of marine life.
The island's volcanic beginnings are evident in massive coral formations extending into the depths with deep-water fish patrolling the plunging walls. There is plenty to see, underwater and on the surface. You shouldn't be surprised to see dolphins playing, turtles sunning, or pilot whales migrating. We have selected five of Curacao's most popular dive sites for you to explore right here!

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