Curaçao's Traffic Rules

Rules, Laws and Tips

  • Drivers keep to the right on Curaçao.
  • You have the right and overtake on the left.
  • Speed limit in built-up area is 40 km/h (= 25 Mph). Outside of town 60 km/h (= 37 Mph), except where otherwise posted.
  • Drivers have priority of right.
  • On T-junctions traffic on the dead-end road must give right of way to all traffic from left and right.
  • Drivers of vehicles have priority over non-drivers of motorized vehicles.
  • Parking is prohibited:
    • Pulled along by a yellow stripe on the side of the road.
    • On a bridge.
    • At the height of a refuge or a continuous line in the middle of the road when less than 3 mtrs (=10 ft) space between traffic island or stripe and the parked vehicle remains.
    • Within 5 mtrs (=16 ft)of the sign indicating a bus stop.
  • Reduce your speed in rainy weather. Wet roads can be extremely slippery.
  • Within the urban area, you stopped traffic at least 1 m in front of your account.
  • Giving signals is allowed only if there is an immediate danger of a collision exists.

What to do when you have a car accident with only damage?

At an accident or damage, you usually do not call for assistance to the police but to the Curacao Road Service (CRS). They make an extensive report of the accident or the injury; they do it fast and very modern, using modern Internet technology, sent directly to the insurance companies. But, CRS does something more: they mostly make decisions who is guilty of the accident, right on the spot. That makes it a very efficient settlement of a collision.
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