Health Care and Tips

Although Curaçao is less humid than many Caribbean islands, mosquitoes can occasionally be a problem in the rainy season and at night. Repellent can be purchased at pharmacies and supermarkets. Curaçao has no malaria or similar tropical diseases, and no vaccinations are needed to visit. But, Dengue, is spread through insect bites.

Due to the high level of overall hygiene and cleanliness, gastro-intestinal complaints ("travelers' tummy") are very uncommon. Eat and drink freely. For minor ailments, standard US and European over-the-counter medicines are available at the local pharmacies, called "Botica's". There are a number of medical of medical centers on the island. the St. Elisabeth Hospital is the most modern and well equipped in the region.

St. Elizabeth Ziekenhuis

Breedestraat 193(0), Willemstad

Curaçao Dialysis Center

Klipstraat, Otrobanda

Dentist Curaçao

Centro Dental Mahaai
Anjelierweg 6, Willemstad

Prevent Insect Bites!

Many diseases, like Dengue, are spread through insect bites. One of the best protections is to prevent insect bites by:

  • Getting rid of areas where mosquitoes breed, such as standing water in flower pots, containers, birdbaths, discarded tires, etc.
  • Using insect repellent (bug spray) with 30%-50% DEET. Picaridin, available in 7% and 15% concentrations, needs more frequent application.
  • Traveling inlands: wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and a hat inlands.

Sunbathing Tips

  1. Avoid exposure during the midday hours and don't stay in it for too long if it is very fierce.
  2. Choose a sun cream with added vitamins and minerals, apply it 30-60 minutes before exposure and re-apply often. Added nutrients which have been found to be of particular benefit are vitamins C and E along with the minerals selenium and zinc.
  3. Take supplements such as vitamins C,D,E and Beta-carotene and the minerals selenium, calcium and zinc. These will give your sunscreen a boost and help to prevent skin damage.
  4. Read also WikiPedia article about sunscreen and sunblocks

If after all your efforts at safe sunbathing you still end up sun burnt here are a few natural remedies that may help:

  1. Aloe Vera, this has a lovely cooling effect on the skin and is good to apply every time you come out of the sun. And Curaçao has a lot of Aloe Vera!
  2. Lavender Oil, mix a few drops of lavender oil with almond, wheatgerm or sunflower oil, it is good for the relieve of sunburn along with other minor burns and scolds.
  3. Calandula is another herbal remedy that helps to reduce inflammation and is very soothing to sunburned skin.
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