Curacao's Beaches

Curacao's beaches are its best-kept secret. The best beaches are not the long, expansive patches of sand found in other islands, but rather smaller, more intimate beaches found in secluded inlets, called "bocas" in Papiamentu. Many of the best beaches are found at the west end of the island, which is fittingly named Westpunt, or "west point".

The island claims to have 38 beaches in all, yet you'll certainly find more along the secluded and rough coastlines of the eastern and northern coasts. Some of the beaches, "playas" in Papiamentu or Spanish, have changing and picnic facilities and charge a small admission, while others are wide open and free of both admission and facilities.

Topless sunbathing and swimming is tolerated on most beaches in the resort areas, but not on resort grounds.

City Beach 88

Playa Kalki

Westpunt Beach

Knip Beach - Playa Kenepa Grandi

Little Knip Beach - Playa Kenepa Chiki

Playa Jeremi

Boca Santa Cruz

Cas Abao

Playa PortoMari

Daaibooi Beach

Pirate Bay Beach

Kontiki / Cabana Beach

Mambo / Seaquarium Beach

Jan Thiel Beach

Barbara Beach

Klein Curacao