Daaibooi Beach

DaaiBooi Beach is a truly local beach. It is quiet, has shallow water and is perfect for snorkeling (many fish). There is a bar-restaurant with fair pricing. A couple of parasols (palapas) are available. There is no entry fee and it is possible to rent a beach chair. It can get a little bit crowded in the weekends. This beach has some history.

Formerly this beach served as a harbor for little boats collecting salt at the neighboring plantations like Jan Kok, Ris St. Marie and PortoMari. All the hard labor was done by slaves. The shipments were transported towards bigger harbors in Willemstad where the shipment was placed into the larger ships. These ships then transported the cargo to Europe. The bay was protected by the Dutch settlers, you can still find some remainings of their structures such as old walls.

You can also find remainings of WWII when this area was defended by Americans against the Germans.

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Great Snorkeling (many fishes) - Bar & Restaurant - Hiking - History - Local Vibe