Curaçao - Swimming with Dolphins

The Dolphin Academy - Enjoy this unique experience!

During the intimate and informative programs of Dolphin Academy you will discover the myth behind dolphins. The dolphins live in large natural lagoons where you can meet them. During the interactive programs you will learn everything about dolphins.

Dolphin Encounter - $99,- (approx. €93,32)*

Caress, hug and kiss a dolphin while learning everything about him or her! While you stay up to your waist in the water, the dolphin will come to you so you can touch him or her. The trainer tells everything about the dolphin. The dolphin shows you various parts of his or her body and various behaviors. This program is a relaxed and interactive way to learn a lot about dolphins. Participation is open to all ages and also for pregnant women. Children up to 4 years will even pay half of the price!

Dolphin Swim - $174,- (approx. €164,01)*

Swimming with dolphins in their natural lagoon is an intimate, unforgettable experience. The dolphins will swim beside you, so you can touch them. Then you will give the dolphins several signals and they will sing, dance, spin and much more. The highlight of the Dolphin Swim is the dorsal ride: two dolphins will pick you up for a ride while you are holding their dorsal fins.

Dolphin Free Dive (Snorkel) - $184,- (approx. €173,44)*

Experience the dolphins under water! Almost all of the interaction will happen under water and therefore free dive experience is required. In addition you will participate in an echolocation experiment. The dolphins will give you an underwater dorsal ride. That means that they will pick you up for a ride while you are holding their dorsal fins.

Dolphin Scuba Encounter - $234,- (approx. €220,57)*

Dive into the natural dolphin lagoon and have a personal encounter with a dolphin. Observe the behavior of the dolphin in their world while you touch him or her. You don’t need a scuba certification for this program. This program can be booked through Ocean Encounters Dive School.

Open Water Dolphin Dive - Price on request

Diving with dolphins is a sensation. The dolphins will follow the divers to the open sea. In the sea you can observe the natural behavior of the dolphins. Besides the dolphins you will see beautiful coral reef and a great variety of sea animals. Participants must be certified divers. This program can be booked through Ocean Encounters Dive School.

Assistant Dolphin Trainer Cursus - $349,-/$449,- (approx. €328,97/€423,23)*

In two or three days (depending on the level) children from 9-14 years can learn how to train a dolphin. Lessons and games in the classroom alternate with interaction with the dolphins. You will learn everything about the dolphins. You will also perform activities behind the scenes, such as food preparation in the fish kitchen. At the end of the course you will participate in a public demonstration!

Dolphins-In-Depth - $349,-/$549,- (approx. €328,97/€517,49)*

During this course students of 15 years or older will learn a lot about dolphins in two or three days (depending on the level). This course combines sessions in a classroom as well as water sessions with the dolphins. During this course you will learn all the insights of becoming a dolphin trainer. The final exam is participation during a Dolphin Show with spectators.

Dolphin Academy is located at Sea Aquarium

Opening Hours:
Dailyfrom 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Every day there are Dolphin Shows at 10.30 am, 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm.


For reservations, visit their website.